Spring back with the chicken that could

Finally winter has come and gone bringing many challenges and learning experiences. I gladly welcome spring! I’m happy to say even after frost bite mishaps, minor injuries, and a super cold winter my flock is well and thriving. This marks year 3 of chicken raising which means my third generation of chicks!  New milestones and new challenges, but all worth it!

This year my husband Rodney and I have decided to build a bigger chicken coop as I will soon integrate the 3rd generation with our current flock! In effort to do so I decided to raise extra pullets to sell as laying hens another 4-8 weeks from now! With our love of A frames we have decided to make an A frame chicken coop and I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to take pictures of the process! The baby chicks are so adorable and tomorrow they will be 8 weeks old.

Hope (the only named chick) has taught me many things I had not previously experienced. At 3 weeks old we discovered she was not able to walk normal and she had a sort of bowed look to her legs. Never experiencing this before I was unsure what to do but with the help of youtube we began to treat it like a severe case of spraddle. That only seemed to make it more complicated for her to walk so I began to treat it like a slipped hook joint. The following three days, twice a day, I began a sort of physical therapy with her gently stretching her legs out as she had yet to stretch them behind her on her own.

She was behind the rest of the girls on everything else also, pin feathers, roosting, and she didn’t do much more then sit. I was dedicated to her recovery and so was she, thus it seemed only appropriate to name her hope. I added a few large tree limbs that provided a much a larger roosting area compared to the pvc and sure enough she began to roost around 5 weeks old. I’m happy to say 5 weeks later she now stands straight (mostly) walks very well, flies to the top roost, stands her ground with others, scratches around, and almost all her baby fuzz is gone. Yep, she is totally the chicken that could and I’m one proud chicken mamma.

Hope at  7 weeks on the top roost <3

Hope at 7 weeks on the top roost ❤