Well hello there, that’s me…Amie Crites, aka just SLIGHTLY obsessed with raising chickens. I live in the wonderful city known for their Hoohoohoosiers, lovely Bloomington, Indiana! This is my second year raising chickens in my back yard inside the city, and boy oh boy do you learn a lot along the way. I currently have a flock of eight, one large and in charge rooster and seven lovely laying hens (say that five times fast I dare you). Of course they all have names, and don’t worry their introduction will come soon enough!

I hope you will join me in my crazy but fun adventures by following me and sharing my blogs with friends! Along the way you’ll learn from both my epic failures and fun filled successes. I’ll also be sharing fun photos, DIY videos, and many random but entertaining stories. I asked my husband once what was better a crazy cat lady or crazy chicken lady?! While I love my cats my chicken obsession produces eggs, fertilizer, entertainment, and a whole lot of joy! So you tell me, which is better?

Your Hoosier Chicken Chick,

Amie Crites

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