Chicks Dig Scars?

Apparently General took the saying, "Chicks dig scars" literally.

Apparently General took the saying, “Chicks dig scars” literally.

I’m not sure what happened to him between last night and this morning in the coop but chasing him this morning was so much fun (heavy hint of sarcasm)! All cleaned and glued shut, Happy Healing for General and a very Happy New Year from us both!


DIY Quick Treat: The Positive Effects of Garlic

Let’s first look at a short explanation of garlic.

Why garlic? Garlic is a delicious and natural form of medication for both you and your chickens. The sulfur compounds that are known for making our breath stinky aren’t going to only scare the opposite sex away, it is also strong enough to kill off certain parasites and worms common to chickens. The antibiotic properties of garlic can also be used to boost immune systems and heal wounds faster.

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Now onto a quick an easy 3 step treat you can make under 5minutes and for less than $2.

  1. Take one stalk of broccoli and cut it into smaller sections. Then take one small clove of garlic per two chickens and cut it into smaller pieces (approximately ½ t per bird).
  2. Toss broccoli and garlic into a blender and add 2 T of water blending until it has the consistency of a slushy (add more water if needed).
  3. Give it to your feathered friends and watch them enjoy!

Want more information? Check out this article from Backyard Poultry Magazine.